Saturday, September 20, 2014

True Believers.... oye ve

I'm going to apologize first off because today's post is going to be a bit chaotic as I don't have the concept fully realized as yet, but I'll be attempting to iron that as we go.

True believers.

I think every last one of us just winced as an example (regardless of what the ideology point is) popped into our heads of someone we know or have encountered.

They range from these idiots who think Islam is harmless (SPIT!) to greenies to the really douchebag kind of gunnies to the fucktards like Westboro Baptist Church.

They fervently believe in something and hate all who would disagree with them let alone debate them let alone not just automatically agree with them because they are of "Thinking right and are saying the right things."

This doesn't just happen with Left-Wingers, it happens with Right-Wingers too.  It always happens with any topic (regardless of minor a topic might seem to you or me). There is a tendency among humans to become too obsessed with an idea(s).  Now this is not to say that being obsessed with an idea is a bad thing.  That kind comes across as determination, examples being like Tesla and giving us AC current for our power grids. (Thank you, you socialist psychopath by the way.  Seriously, the man was nuts.)

Being a "True Believer" is dangerous.  Jonestown or the Burning Times ring a bell anyone?

There's a saying among Pagans "Remember the Burning Times."  It's said to remember people of what happens when the line between believer and fanatic becomes blurred.  It's estimated millions were killed during these times as the Witch Hunts became an easy vehicle of revenge, theft and removing your enemies from your path.  "True Believers" or fanatics, merely became pawns of skilled manipulators, and because of it, more christians were killed than any other group.

Hence, "Remember the Burning Times."

As for Jonestown...well, you do realize that the saying "Drinking the Kool Aid" had its start here.  That idiot was an incredibly extreme case of what a personality cult looks like.  Believe it or not, it'll happen again.  There are hundreds of "True Believers" in almost every single cause, topic, politics or religion on this planet.

They will kill, maim, rape, and force their way into whatever they want.  ISIS is the prime example currently of this.  They aren't going to stop until they are exterminated or they win.

I've been seeing friends trying to say don't judge of all of Islam based on ISIS.  Um... you have to judge all of Islam by them.

Read the Koran.  Muslims are supposed to lie to you because you're an infidel.

And according to this idiot Claudette... she's not capable of staying on topic and isn't able to be coherent.

<<< is an example of a True Believer, who would kill herself if the people who she's allowed to become her masters, told her she entertained bad think, you should die now.

And to be clear, I'm with Chris and Joseph on this.  I need to send him a very BIG bottle of whisky.

The topic was a large fish kill that this stupid idiot was claiming was the cause.  The fish kill was actually caused by a massive fire.

She tried to say they don't release what it is that's in the frakking chemicals.... two-four people provided half a dozen links where several companies provided a FULL CHEMICAL DISCLOSURE OF THEIR FRAKKING SOLUTIONS.

They debated back and forth for a few hours, but this picture had the gold.

The in-coherency, the "offended by you and your facts" attitude, the inconsistency in position... marks of a true believer...

There's those who believe that there is a shadow organization controlling us from behind the scenes... There is actually a lot of people who you would normally think are more intelligent than this, who believe this.  It's ridiculous the number of organizations that have been outright invented as this shadowy figure.

*head desk*

Seriously, the number of people who are trying to blame something non-existent for their behavior and lack of being able to do anything on something that doesn't exist is... mind-boggling.

Now, I'll admit... if I'm not careful, I can easily slide into becoming too obsessed with learning information on (Yellowstone, Puma Punka, astronomy, geology, etc).  I've noted as long as I don't focus on one thing too much (crochet doesn't count) I can stay away and far away from that line of fanaticism into any one topic.

These "True Believers" become obsessed with one thing or the umbrella of set of ideals.  You know them, I know them, they are everywhere.

These people are just sick in the head.  Period.  They are unbalanced, they are sick, they exist everywhere with any topic or umbrella of topics.  They are fanatics.

Unfortunately depending on ideology, fanatics are tolerated because they are doing the dirty work commanded by their God.

For those who just pointed fingers at Christianity.... wrong.


Now, just to be clear, there are Muslims who are good people.  They are at that point in their faith, that they have rejected the violent tenants of Islam.  They do exist. There are many who exist who serve in the Israeli army to protect their homeland against Islamic ragheads.

As per the tenants of Islam though... you can't be American and Muslim... so any Muslims who are loyal to the United States that live here... You're gonna need a new name for a little bit.

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