Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh fuck... it's September....

I know, I kinda fell off the band wagon here this week, but Monday hit me with a nasty headache, then Tuesday (9/9) it hit me what month it was.

Fuck September.

First couple weeks of September have always sucked seriously for me.  9/11 anniversary, plus about two-three personal things that still make me miserable from time to time.

So... yeah.... I should be back on schedule next Monday, September 14th.

Because quite frankly sometimes the best way to do with shit, it's just not deal with people.  Quite frankly, there's only a few people I'd happy or willing to interact with around this time of the year...and right now it really sucks that I can't just grab my yarn, my car keys, gas and some snacks and go see them.

My fiance has been awesome in that he's been downright eager to go out and chill in places that are pretty close to wild.

So yeah, that's what's going on.


  1. Everyone needs time to regroup and recharge. Chill as long as you need and enjoy fall before sinus season kills us all ;)