Monday, September 22, 2014

Guilty little pleasures.

Between designing new orders that are coming and actually sitting down and working on them, I have this tendency of plugging into the computer for one of two things: music or a small guilty pleasure of mine: Speculative History Theories.

Yes, I mean things like Ancient Aliens or America Unearthed.  

"Run that by me again Evie?"

Yeah, you read that right.

Growing up, I was always reading whatever I could get my hands on.  Even as a small child, I could tell: History was what those who wrote the textbooks, wanted it to say.  Oh sure you could get the whole picture, but you had to dig for it.  A lot of digging.

One of the best examples of Speculative History is all the weird shit that came out of World War II.  Many of the scientific advances that were made by Nazi Germany were light years ahead of the Allies. We won't go into the ethical or moral of how they got many of those advances, as that's enough information, craziness and straight up atrocities as to fill a library the size of the Library of Congress. And those are just the stories and pieces that aren't classified.  Take the Bismark for example.  We still have only an inkling as to what all technology was on that ship, as none of the tech has ever been recovered nor is the ship in a water condition that would allow for salvaging.

Even today there are massive complexes in areas formerly occupied by the Axis's armies... that we can't get to because the entrances were destroyed and any attempts to reach the known chambers would fail due to the surrounding geological instabilities that were caused when the retreating Nazi's destroyed the entrances.  We have no idea what might be in them.  This is speculative history at it's best and most fertile ground for the imagination.

Growing up I was always fascinated by archaeology and geology.  Even I as an amateur, am aware there are sites out there, that don't fit with the "official" timeline of the human history.  Whether or not the secrets hidden are relevant is besides the point, the point is that they are being hidden, so that the "story of the Earth" fits with whatever the academics want.  *shrugs* Well, if that's their teapot, fine but earthquakes can happen anywhere. ;-)

Back to why this is a guilty little pleasure.  Most of the theories are just that, theories.  Speculation on whats, whys, hows, and wheres.  Because for me, speculation is fun.  Now, I have my limits.  It has to be plausible speculation.  Conspiracy theories.... don't count because 99.999999999% of those aren't even plausible.

I have to admit as a geologist wanna-be, America Unearthed is my favorite so far. Scott (can't remember his last name right now to save my life) has been a good watch so far.  He admits when he's entertained by ideas, but there's not enough evidence to support it being even plausible.  He doesn't declare something ancient man made just to make ratings.  An example would be the recent seasons episode on Rockwall Texas and their namesake.  Which turned out to be an impressively rare geological phenomenon but it was still fascinating as to how the rock wall was formed.

So that's my bit here for the day, I'll see y'all tomorrow.  I have a crocheted jacket in the home stretch and about 6 more episodes of America Unearthed to help me get through.  =)

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  1. Interesting. Never heard of the show before. Just bookmarked it on the History Channel website...