Sunday, September 14, 2014

And then this happened...

So unless you were under a rock on Friday and Saturday (and no that's not me being snarky about whatever living arrangements you might have currently) we had a CME.

A "Coronal Mass Eruption".  Basically, the sun farted on us.  Only these farts are electromagnetic farts.  Our magnetic field here on Earth, tends to shield us for the most part from the really bad stuff.   However, the CME tends to concentrate at the North and South Pole.  Then travels down to the surface and goes along the planet from, at an incredibly reduced strength. (I think I'm interpreting that right, but I know I'll get corrected on where I'm wrong, so no worries.)

On Saturday night, this intrepid adventurer was attempting to play in Google Hangouts her character within the Traveller universe.


The interference was making my ability to be able to be heard by the other players almost null and void at times.  Both the normal phone data and the Wifi I get to borrow from my neighbors, were spazzing out.

I got curious and starting writing down the times. The following is Pacific Standard Time.
(Fuck you LA!)
 (Date for this occurring for those of you reading this several months or whatever down the road was September 13th, 2014.)

  • 7:56:45 PST, PM
  • 7:57:15 PST, PM
  • 8:03:15 PST, PM
  • 8:16:35 PST, PM
  • 8:31:25 PST, PM
  • 8:35:25 PST, PM
  • 8:37:15 PST, PM
  • 8:56:45 PST, PM
  • 8:57:15 PST, PM
  • 9:03:15 PST, PM
  • 9:05:45 PST, PM
  • 9:14:10 PST, PM

Fascinating eh?

Those were the times when the "spikes" so to speak in the CME, actually fully impacted the various systems.

I pinged my friend the Cherry Bombe about it on Facebook, and she hooked me up with the following two links.

Now CME's are some interesting stuff.  If you haven't dug into them too much, allow to me to kick you head first into this rabbit hole.   Hehehehehehe

So that was my weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?

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