Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Older patterns (and the headaches they caused....)

"Good gods Evie... what is that???"

That, is what an older piece of a pattern that I'm trying to work from looks like.  My fellow crocheters will be recoiling in horror at the moment.

This confusing discombobulated mess, is from a pamphlet of crocheted table clothes.  The booklet is so old, I can't find a date anywhere on it.  This tells me at least the 40s or 50s, is the time period because I've noticed in a lot of the older publications that they didn't really think it was important to include dates.

Now, being the valiant and committed crocheter that I am (Yes, read that as stubborn and stop snorking...), I did attempt as per exhibit A, to your right to follow said instructions.


Yes, to you looks lovely my dears, but to me... I know better.  This is a part of the curse of knowing this... is nothing like the example picture, and that the person who made the example picture piece was a dirty rotten whore.

There's the concept called "Frogging".    No not frog hunting.  Basically means doing any stitch necessary to make it look right OR undoing the whole thing.   It's not a fun concept and one I try very hard to not need to do.

So, because I'd like to incorporate these concepts (many of which are Irish lace) into my work, I'm going to be working modernizing the language and terminologies used.  Along with fixing the mistakes.  This is going to probably be a year long if not multiple year project.

Worth it?

Oh totally!

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