Monday, September 29, 2014

Aye aye aye

Kinda stressing right now.

I have an order that I am working on that requires me to learn how to crochet cables.


I have a small deadline on that order, plus two more jackets to design and make, a messenger bag, two cloches, two dolls to finish.

How am I dealing?

By probably going on a hike and exploring an alluvial fan that is near us.  Near being relative at about 15 minutes to get to.  (I love living so close to a national forest!)


Because I learned a long time ago, the hard way, that it's not okay to just beat yourself through to a deadline.  Yeah I'm going to be tired when I get back, but I've noticed when I've taken time to go outdoorsy things, my productivity is double what it would have been if I hadn't.

It's common sense.

Yeah, I was greatly refreshed from my time in Lake Havasu, but I don't feel fully recovered from this month yet.  That said, tomorrow is going to be a busy day of crocheting, sketching and sharing some pics of the fan.

Plus, the hot water heater in our apartment building is out.  This while it may not yield any prepping lessons or experience, it's applicable in that you have to get creative in order to stay comfortable and clean.

I really like sharing pictures of the places I'm getting to explore and I hope you guys are enjoying them too.  Hopefully for tomorrow as well, I will have Jacket One done and some really good pictures of that.

See ya tomorrow! =)

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