Thursday, November 20, 2014

So I have this idea....

... that I'm thinking about fleshing out here on the blog.

I have a story idea, but I don't know if it's readable.  So I'm going to be doing the chapters on here, on Thursday's or Saturday's (whichever day the muse decides to cooperate) and then once the story is done, go back and put it all together for a book and be done with it.  This idea has nothing to do with any other story.

If this story seems practically identical to another FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS PLEASE TELL ME.  I do not want to be writing something thinking it's original to me and find out, no, this author did it and did it better.   Cuz... seriously that would suck. Several of the dreams of the main character are ones I have had, but I'm learning courage.  The courage to present to you some of my darkest dreams, but also this character.  She is me in a few ways, in that, many of these dreams I have actually had.   This blog is my personal blog... and I'm bearing a large chunk of who I am personally to you here... so this is partly catharsis and partly my flexing some creative muscle in an attempt to make my muse happy.  She's upset because I'm not writing enough, so I'm giving her this.

  So... I tentatively present to you...

Changeling's Agony: Awakening

     It always started out the same.  Always the damn same sequence of events.  The horns calling everyone in.  The assembly taking their seats.  Everyone bickering and jockeying for position based on their age, pantheon, followers etc, etc. Always her, being guided to the front row.  Always that feeling of unease.
   Assemblies like this were almost never heard of.  Every pantheon was here. Egypt with their anthropomorphic states, Greek with their simple flowing robes but looks of pure emotion, Chinese with their feigned indifference but quick side glances.  Then there were the front rows.  Gaea, with her daughters.  Ma'at with her children.  Lugh, with his heirs. So forth and so forth.  Those who were upheld by universal concepts regardless of culture that had become algorithms of multiple cultures and their worship of certain concepts, like that of justice, the mother earth, the sun, the moon, the sky which gave the rain for the plants which feed the meat. Their families were massive as well, as all could be described as some key Gods' and Goddesses' offspring.  Without light and darkness, there would be no photosynthesis or rest.  
   It never failed though.  She would be seated as an offspring of Gaea... but her father was... always behind her, the Elf King.  She never looked at him as it was improper to look behind at rows towards the back, but she always could tell he was there and proud of her. Her mother was Gaea, to the front and left of her. No one ever knew what was going to happen at the meetings, but this was a meeting of everyone. It was a meeting that had nothing leading up to it. A meeting of uncertainty.  It wasn't what anyone was expecting.  Out of nowhere, the Winged Ones had appeared and handed off notifications.  She had never been summoned to such a meeting before.
   A hush feel over the assembly as It came into the hall.  It was impressive.  One instance it was a rainbow, other It was all of them as they inhaled and exhaled.  IT was The Supreme and they were all it's children.  The supreme intelligence that had been born with their universe that had come into existence in one single explosive microsecond. Everyone bowed their heads in reverence to the All. Even she, though she was headstrong and young, she knew... this was her grandfather and that he deserved every ounce of respect and love she could muster.  She/He was herself and everything around her. She was It, and It was her, even with the separation of identities.
   It greeted everyone with love.  It only took a minute, but the voice in her mind that whispered to her, "Hello my Dear One! How is my most precious love today?"  The conversations happened in only a couple of minutes, but everyone returned their to their Origin in what seemed only a few heartbeats.
   The meeting began with normal formalities, the Fathers of the pantheons announcing themselves and that their families were there for the proceedings.  It was disconcerting when Gaea, Ma'at, Danu, Dagda, and a few of the other who were known as the All's in their titles, stood up and in unison announced their children and It's were all there.     
   And It's?
   That part always gave her chills.  It was capable and willing to produce with those who were the product of energy thought formation to produce offspring.  It's how so many of the races had come into being, but it was still eerie. She was the result of It and Gaea. She forced herself to focus on the meeting.
   "I'm sorry my dears but it would appear that they have chosen their paths and will stick to it until the next Change is upon them or until the other Races have decided that it's time for the humans to cease existing."
    Cries of outrage came up from dozens of voices.  The humans had been beloved of almost all the Gods because of how short their lives were. They appreciated the good things much more than any Elf or Dragon or Dwarf did and it was because they were more mortal than so many others.  Humans were the pets, the beloved ones.  The only ones who would slip among and be among the stars.
    It raised it's hands to calm the Children.  They murmured and restlessness overtook the assembly as a general feeling of indignity arose. It looked the Children over and focused on her. She rose without being beckoned and stepped down the pathway to her what was her GrandFather/Mother.  She bowed, with tears trickling down her cheeks.  She knew what was coming.  A sacrifice.
   It looked at her with love unbound.  
   "I need you all... to save the race.  They can't produce human souls at a rate that will sustain their reproduction abilities, so I need you all to become human.  Will you?" It asked... no, It begged.
   She straightened her shoulders and faced the assembly, haughty but trembling in fear.
   "The Elves answer the Call of the Creator-All.  We will not abandon our baby brethren race as we were not abandoned."
    She lifted her chin in defiance and stared down one particular God who had been very vocal in all the proceeding talking about just smacking the humans down as they had before and forcing them to confront their mortality and inability to be perfect. They were meant for imperfection, but to allow them to get anywhere close was folly according to him.
   Her declaration sent many into fervent whispers and glances to allies or foes that wouldn't have normally occurred.  Her father stood in solidarity with her as did every other Elf, Dwarf and Dragon in attendance.  Many became hushed, and stood with her.  Some the only ones to stand from their pantheons.  Others, the whole pantheon stood. One Race Elder stood and looked around with a most serious look of disgust on her face.
   "This means WE have to leave the Earth as we die off and be re-born as humans, on a world that we have every right to share and walk on with, just because YOU want to save a bunch of mutant monkeys! Fine. You have chosen war and I will bring it to your doorstep when you least expect it. Your precious humans will be destroyed, even if it must be done slowly."
    She left the Hall. Everyone who had not stood with her, left with the Elder.  It waited until everyone who not chosen to stand in solidarity with IT and the others had left. 
   "They too will be born as humans... but they will not be your allies in way or form," Gaea spoke.  It nodded and focused back her, his granddaughter Elf. 
    It gently wrapped both hands around her hands and kissed her forehead. 
    "Let it begin."

   Lacy sat up in bed, panting from the lack of air her lungs couldn't seem to find.  

  The Dreams were back and there would be no avoiding what they meant this time.

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