Monday, November 3, 2014

Random bits and pieces

Photo credit Michael Branson
So I've found out that when I'm having a minor episode, I tend to clench my jaw.  To the point that when I realize it and go it open it and work the muscles and hinges, it hurts like it got dislocated.
This is a new thing, just popped up in the last couple of months.

Great. /sarcasm

Something about November.  The down feeling from Samhain has passed but November for whatever reason brings my productivity levels to a grinding halt.  They stay low and I have to force myself to keep the pace steady else, I fall behind on orders.  Several of the joints hurt, it's incredibly easy to get discouraged.  That usually ends around the middle of the month.  Something about those first two blasted weeks though...

I have chocolate though, and Aleve, and am in better communications with some of my friends though I really need to work on that with others that I've not talked to in awhile.  I hope they understand though.

I've been going outside and standing in the sun.

I'm really hoping we don't do the move during the Yule season.  That'd just be.... eesh.  Don't get me wrong, I know a little chaos is good for a person, but when even Eris looks at the possibility and goes "NAY NAY!"  .... you get a little worried...

I gotta admit, I will miss bits and pieces of California.  We've car camped in some amazing places here, and there is a very quiet, rugged spirit that runs while deep underneath all of the bullshit, you can still find it.

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