Saturday, November 15, 2014

All those who saw this coming....

... raise your hand.

Seen this yet?

I'm in disbelief that there are people trying to understand why the girls ran away in the first place.

There are several reasons that they did.  Which ones exactly, the girls claim it's because Islam is where it's at and it's where they belonged.  There are other reasons that it could be too, that aren't on the surface.

Reason number one:  Grass is greener on the other side.  Islam is that other side to Christianity that they were most likely raised under. Regardless of sect of Christianity, Islam is that other side of the fence.  

Reason number two: It was glamorous.  Seriously.  They thought it was glamorous.  Go fight and be a rebel.  What person can honestly say that they didn't consider this kind of thing when they were stupid teenager?   It's a form of rebellion.  A dangerous form of rebellion, more dangerous than the other forms because walking away from Islam is a not something that happens.  You can get away from drugs and alcohol.... but not those Islam fuckers.

Reason number three: Politics very likely had a role in it.  You can point the finger in your head at whichever fucking side you want, but all that does it make you a part of the problem.  If you can't steel wool strip your beliefs down to three sentences each topic, you need to get the fuck out of politics.  That goes for both "sides".

Reason number four:  It gave them a purpose.  This one I understand all too well, and it's only reason why I even have a tiny amount of sympathy for these girls.   There's too much conflicting information these days on what a true and dignified purpose is.  You ask left-wingers and they give a bunch of shit that doesn't go against their avoid bad think jackassery.  You ask right-wingers and you get the exact same fucking thing.   Just with different points of "good".    

That's why I think they went.  They wanted to feel that they had made a difference.  They have... though whether or not it's a good one or bad one... that's up to the individual person whose looking at their story to decide.

I don't think they did good.  They scared their parents to death, they've brought only the Gods know how many more girls into that hell hole of an religion to be nothing more than battlefield fodder and baby breeders.   They gave an enemy that needs staked out for vultures to feed on, more power.

When you feel like you don't have a purpose... you start looking in places that are worse than not having a purpose.  Sometimes you have to find a bunch of little things to fill that hole.

There are thousands of things you could be doing that can make a difference.  Get off your lazy ass and find them.

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