Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jan Urshel - New to me artist.

Rabbit hole.
And for those of you who know me, know these tend to be interesting.

Before I jump in, hello to those of you from Jason Colavito's site.  Hi Jason!  LOL.  In case you haven't noticed, I write about whatever I want and what I find interesting.  Either way, welcome and I hope you enjoy my articles.

Okay rabbit hole time.

So, here in the last couple days my nose has been in my crochet and my ears on youtube listening to music playlists etc.

"Why not just listen to the music you have on your laptop?"

Because I have a bad habit of losing track of time and forgetting to eat.  The transitions between video make me pay attention to the time.

So, this one user popped up.  Pandora Journey.

Most of the music is from video games (I'm not sure folks know how much computer animation has been advanced by video games, but it's an enjoyable rabbit hole, I can guarantee you that if you like learning about that kind of thing) however there are singers that were popping up in the pieces that I liked how they sounded and had never heard before.

Also were most if not all of the artwork that was associated with the different pieces.




For a long time I used to stay on top and up to date about space, science fiction and fantasy art.  Then I got sidetracked. (FUCK YOU PTSD!)

I started hunting down images.  The several bits I do here will here highlights of different artists that I just now became aware of.  Today is Jan Urshel.

He has an amazing variety of artwork.



Just.... :)

And to cap off this article, here's one of the pieces of music that has really stuck with me from that channel:

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