Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Search for a New shop home continues....

So today I'm looking over the site known as Storenvy.

Now I had gone and checked out StorEnvy before, but it was as a passing thing, as I was still enjoying decent sales on Etsy. (PTUI!)

So joining all of these sites is free... it's just when you start wanting to list stuff that the details get... hinky.  So here we go into Storenvy!

Right off the bat with Storenvy, one of the first things you see is that there is a notice basically telling you can mark your shop open or closed.  (Hello editing listings just made easier!)

  1. You can export your orders from your shop to an offline source.
  2. Creating a sale listing - choosing a category is much easier than on Etsy. You can tag a listing as on-sale or as a pre-order. On the tags though, you only get 55 characters. 
  3. Uploading images: The limit is 5 here, and the size limit is 3 MB.  Instead that annoying this many pixels by this many pixels.
  4. There's even a coming soon feature under listing creation.
  5. You can customize your shops look more easily instead of the blanket everyone looks the same look of Etsy.
  6. You link back to up to six other sites that you own or work off of under the Store Profile Tab.  (Probably best not to link back to Etsy, eh?)
  7. Shipping rates are calculated for you!  (Whew, no more guess work!!)
  8. You get a facebook app... and it's FREE!
  1. Their only payment system seems to be PayPal, and no news cropped up of considering other ways of paying.
  2. If you want your own domain via them, it's 5 bucks a month.
  3. You can't import your listings via any files. (And if there is... I haven't found it yet.)
When it comes to fees, there aren't really any that I've been able to find.  Outside of fees from Paypal, Storenvy is much cheaper than most alternatives that Etsy.

And that is Storenvy. There's a bit more customization, which means however complicated it gets is entirely up to you and it doesn't feel like you're pulling your own teeth when setting things up.


  1. Right now, this is the one I'm leaning toward for you, Ev. Looks good from what I can see.

    1. It's a rather shiny site, but I won't know if it's going to pan out until at least one season has passed. There's this one and the Zibbet that I'll be maintaining for the rest of year, and hopefully my sales will pick up again on at least one of them.

    2. Keep me posted. You KNOW how much I love your fiber artistry.