Monday, May 26, 2014

Captain's Log Stardate: 05.26.2015

Not how I was expecting to be spending my memorial day.

Before I get into my stuff, my love and respect to those of my family and friends who are finding themselves sorely missing someone (or several) on this day.  May you remember them fondly, and the edge of the pain be blunted by good memories.

All right, this adventure escapade started on Friday with confirming with my fiance that yes indeed I would very much like to go out of town with him.   We had even laid plans to go spend Weds and Thurs after his work was done, Sequoia National Forest and State Park. Saturday was filled with the usual preps of packing clothes, double checking hiking and camping gear and setting up the food.  Saturday, I was so blasted excited I didn't sleep much.

Sunday we were on the road by 5:30 am.  (Yes, I am capable of rolling out of the rack at a decent time.  I just don't like to.) Hisperia CA while over several hills, according to the fiance unit, is still basically LA.  I'm inclined to believe him honestly.  Once we got there, we hit the road to head to Paso Roblas CA.  The route, took us through Tehachapi, CA.  We decided to stop at the Loop, and hit our first two Geocaches there.  From there we headed to Bakersfield... and that is when Murphy hit.  We had stopped for dinner, and after leaving the place made it a couple of miles before the car just suddenly died.

We managed to have enough momentum for him to guide the car into the parking lot of a Pep Boys, that had a full service auto. (Thank the Gods for small pieces of Silver.)   The car would turn over (crank) but wouldn't start.  We had just put that morning into the engine two new quarts of oil.  By the time we had everything checked out, the oil was dry and pretty decent sized hole had formed somewhere in the engine.

Not what we needed.  Not only did we leave most of our cash back at home, which is as I'm writing this 100 miles to the south of me currently, we still have to get to Paso for his work.  Unfortunately here in the couple of hours we find out if the car can be fixed and if it's worth it.  If not worth it, we are throwing it up onto Craigslist and hopefully selling it to someone here in Bakersfield, and washing our hands of that vehicle.  Which means once his work is done in Paso, and we get home, the rest of the week will be spent car hunting.  And buying a new car thoroughly destroys every dime of the money that we had saved up for moving.

I'll give you the ballpark sum, 1300+.  That was what we needed for a moving truck, towing doily, and half way to our security deposit for a new place.

Then to further complicate things, funds that should have appeared in my account by Saturday morning from Etsy, are no where to be found currently.  They are frozen in transfer.... due to today.'s a computer system.and not an actually person doing the transferring.

A friend managed to loan us some money, however without my money from Etsy... we couldn't get a rental.  So we spent last night, in the car, in the back parking lot of the Pep Boys.  For those of you who know this on par with my life it seems, I did manage to get more sleep last night than on I had on Saturday night.

Then today, much to my horror and disgust,  I found the disposable pads... do not react well the human bodies sweat.  It was starting to break down, I was developing a rash and I suspect I was developing a low grade fever.  I suspect this because I normally do quite well in the heat.  I've been known to carry a sweatshirt with me in the summer time because of how badly I freeze in some places that like cranking up the AC.  The day's temperature hadn't even begun to rise and I was doing not so good.

I had started making the re-usable cotton crochet pads just yesterday, and it was a good thing that did.  Switched them out almost 3 hours ago.  The rash is gone, and my temp tolerance is back where it should be.   Consider me converted for most part.  (And yikes!!! I know what's in the disposable but sheesh!)

And we are still currently waiting to know what it is exactly that is wrong with the car.  And the diagnostic costs 90.  Think our day could quite worse before getting better.  *shrugs*  

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