Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Constitution of the United States.

My dears.... hear me.

It's what binds us.

It is what protects us...


Respect for this document, this legal binding social contract, it and the Declaration of Independence, this is what has allowed so many of us to be to exist.  To be able to speak up against injustices.  To be able to learn and grow and advance as individual humans.

RESPECT for ourselves. That which lets us look in the mirror every day and swear to ourselves we can do this.  We can find others who are not shy about letting us borrow their shoulders so that we can rest awhile from our personal demons.

Respect for other religions.  Other beliefs.  Have you not spent time thinking over ideas wondering if they fit?  Testing to see if they "click"?  Can you even be honest with yourself over your beliefs, be they faith or idea or religion/faith/path???  Or did you just accept them?

Without the freedom we've had be protected by these founding, unchanging documents, many of us would not exist.

You want to see some change?

Stop. Voting. Along. Party. Lines.

Stop voting like a Republican.  Stop voting like a Democrat.  Vote like an American.

We are Americans, in our hearts and more immigrants are American than folks who are born here.  Because you've decided that you will accept whatever your political party tells you.

The direction you want for us, regardless of political or religious bent....

 it equals death.

I don't care who you are, what you believe in.  If your beliefs threaten my right to life....  I WILL FIGHT YOU.

I will fight you every step of the way and if I must help set the world on fire, I will.  Because you are not born to be a ruler or a slave.  You are you.  Nothing more and nothing less.

I will fight you regardless of being republican or democrat or green party or independent or libertarian.

If you seek to harm ANYONE's rights... be their freedom of speech because they are anti-gay/abortion or if they are gay/atheist, I will fight you and stop you from infringing ANYONE'S RIGHTS.

Be it their right to carry whatever they please to defend themselves from humans who've made the choice to be evil.  I will fight you.

You hear me?  Because OUR constitution is built on the concept of the individual and the mature individual.  And a mature individual protects EVERYONE'S rights.

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