Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little things

Car update: Close to a 700 dollar repair.  Timing chain and they went ahead and replaced the water pump while they were in there.  It didn't wipe us out completely, but damn close.

As for personal things going on... I am liking these re-usable pads I've crocheted up.  I gotta be honest though, part of this down I've been feeling here the past few days, has me wondering if maybe it's a bit of a withdrawal from the chemicals in the pads...???  Such things really make me wonder at times.

"Isn't crochet to hole-y?"

Nope not really.  The 100% cotton is what I used and no problems so far.  Don't think I'll have any big ones either, but you never know.

Oh yeah that down I'm feeling... I have no idea.
  It could be frustration that it seems like we're stagnating on getting out of California...
 Missing folks I used to see frequently....
Concerned for friends who seem to have something bothering them... or that I know what's going on and they've had as much progress as we have...

I really hate plateau's.  At least when you have an up or down, you know where you're going.

And the geocaching we're started doing helps with the restlessness.  Though we need to do it a bit more and I need to get my damn shorts out of shortage.  It gets too hot here to rough it in jeans.  I'm sure a couple more years would have me acclimated .... but I don't plan on being here longer than past September/October.

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