Friday, August 9, 2013

No attempted title witty today

It's been a very rough last two weeks.  I've lost track of how many days I'm going on now of little to no sleep.  Roughly two weeks ago, I walked past my younger sister who reeked of cigarette smoke.  And I mean reeked.  Guess whose PTSD triggered at the scent?

They smoked.  Heavily.  They reeked.

A week of nightmares and little sleep.

Past few days, I can blame on nerves partly over my upcoming move. But the nightmares are still there.  I've been having to keep my distance from my dad.

One of my more... feminist minded female friends has been in a tirade lately over the military mismanagement of punishing rapists within the ranks.  I've been trying to get it across to her, that the same people wearing the uniform violating folks...are the same fucking people as the civilian pieces of shit that do the same things.  Mindset is the same.  Just because someone is wearing a uniform, doesn't mean they aren't human anymore and not prone to the same problems and types of behavior that a civilian is.  Is just more pronounced, because the uniforms (military, police etc) place them within a very highly visible portion of the population.

That being said, I'd still trust someone from the military before I would a fucking civilian.  Why?  Hate to tell ya this cupcake, but they've always been the most honest.  At least with me.  There have been a couple that were absolute worthless Neanderthals, but they didn't stick around after getting things figured out.  See, down side of being a Witch... you get louder signals if something is wrong than most people.

The nightmares make it hard though.  The number of people who smoke is still rather disgusting to me.  Though, very rarely anymore do I let contact with a smoker happen.

My fiancé quit smoking.  Before I had told him what the scent does.  Like, two months before I knew the scent could trigger.   (Yeah, you could say I love the man.)

I'll be honest.  I don't want to find out what other triggers might be.  But I know I'm going to.  :-/

Yippee skippy.

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